Onora Irish Setters

My wife and I only breed Irish Setters that have been health tested for diseases that are common in Irish Setters. These diseases are three types of premature blindness, bad or dysplastic hips, bad or shallow elbow joints, and Thyroid disease. These tests are expensive but are the only way to "breed out" the diseases that almost destroyed this wonderful breed of dog. If you are considering buying/adopting an Irish Setter that comes from parents with no health tests, you should pay no more than $150-$200 for the puppy. Additionally, any pups from non-health tested parents should not be bred as they may continue to spread the genetic diseases that the AKC and parent club Irish Setter Club of America are trying to eliminate. If you click on Our Boys or Our Girls, then click on a specific dog, you will see the tests results. Additionally, we have paid to have these results posted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, www.offa.org so that the whole world can see them. If a breeder says they have performed the tests but the tests are not posted, you should demand to see the paper copy results of the tests that every breeder receives after having the tests completed. During the 1970s and into the 80s, it was not unusual for an entire litter to go blind before the age of 3. Today with DNA testing, reputable breeders are eliminating these horrible problems by breeding only genetically clear Irish Setters.

Previous Litters Below

March 26, 2021
GCHB Soraj Starlight Express (Bodie) X Onora Spitfire (Lily)

Due May 9, 2020 
MBISS GCHS Windntide Beachcomber DS DJ DN (Kermit) X
GCHB Onora Aquila (Aquila)
For more details, click here; Kermit

Whelped  September 16, 2018, GCHB BISS Cairncross The Sting At Onora (Asher) X 
Redfire Bright Promises At Onora (Maggie)  
For details, click here; Fire Litter

Onora Rose Litter
Whelped September 24, 2018, AM & CN CH Soraj Prince of Theives (Payton)
GCHB Onora Aquila
For details, click here; Rose Litter
The puppies arrived on election day, Tuesday November 8th, 2017. 
 We have 7 beautiful girls and 4 handsome boys.  
Click to see the litter Lipstick Litter 11-8-2017
All puppies from this litter were in their new homes by January 8, 2017

The Onora Constellation Litter
Nine Boys and three girls arrived on 5-13-14
Click here to see the litter Constellation Litter 5-13-14


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